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Dangerous Goods Transport (ADR)

The law requires that the removal and transport of dangerous goods must be done under the regulations of ADR, as set out in ADR 2023. An ADR vehicle load is defined as the transport of any materials on the road[...]

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The Waste Hierarchy

Waste producers are required by law (Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011) to apply the “Waste Hierarchy”, a ranked list of options to reduce the environmental impact of waste. At Pegasus we have considerable experience in helping our customers in[...]

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Concern over hazardous waste knowledge in SMEs

Do you know what your waste responsibilities are? A staggering 80% of SMEs could be disposing of hazardous waste unknowingly, according to research by a national waste management company. As many small and medium sized businesses are embracing ‘green’ and sustainable methods[...]

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