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Case Study: Diversion from Landfill

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Pegasus Waste Management has collaborated with an international fine chemicals manufacturer and a chemical products supplier to divert a manufacturing by-product from landfill and return it to the supply chain as a raw material, whilst also ensuring the commercial interests of both parties remain unaffected.

The material was previously being deposited in landfill at a high cost, due to its characteristics that make it difficult to process. PWM was approached to assist in reducing the disposal cost, but was able to use its unique market position and existing relationships to provide a novel solution, with several key benefits outlined below:

  • Cost savings

By turning a high-cost waste into a valuable product, PWM has been able to pass these benefits directly on to our customer.

  • Diversion from landfill

A difficult-to-process material has been diverted from landfill, providing environmental benefits and assisting our customer in meeting their waste management targets.

  • Circular Economy & Waste Hierarchy

Material that was previously being disposed of as waste has now re-entered the supply chain as a product, helping our customer meet their legal obligations under the Waste Hierarchy, as well as enabling them to progress towards an increasingly Circular Economy.

  • Commercial Security

PWM has been able to use its expertise to provide assurances to both the manufacturer and supplier that their existing business will not be affected, and that the by-product material will not undercut their existing product lines.

  • International Operations

PWM has provided logistics solutions for international transport of the by-product material from several production locations.

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