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Case Study: Laboratory Clearance

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Pegasus Waste Management supported one of its regular clients, a large university in the South West with an extensive refurbishment and modernisation of its science laboratories.  The task involved the decommissioning of laboratory equipment as well as listing, packing and classifying old waste chemicals.

A vital part of the work was liaising with multiple contractors to complete the task inside the deadline, as well as conforming to the universities own health and safety guidelines. PWM helped to meet the client’s objectives by using its extensive knowledge of the chemical waste management industry and existing relationships. The key requirements of the task were identified as:

  • Identifying and maximising recycling

This was achieved by sampling the fume hoods and bench tops to determine their hazardous nature. The results showed they contained no hazardous components meaning they could be dismantled and recycled at dry waste sites. A total of 29 tonnes of waste materials were recycled.

  • Cost saving

Salvageable items were identified for reuse by other departments which resulted in reduced cost for the customer.

  • Service excellence

All chemicals were classified by professional chemists and their disposal routes determined by applying the waste hierarchy meaning the customer’s legal obligation to hierarchy were achieved.

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