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Case Study: University Laboratory Pipework Removal

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Pegasus Waste Management performed the removal and disposal of contaminated glass pipework for a university that was undergoing an upgrade to its teaching laboratories. The task required a proactive approach to ensure the project was completed in a timely manner to minimise disruption to the university and its students.

PWM used its expertise to provide solutions to the many challenges presented by the project, including:

  • Method development and risk reduction

The project presented several risks, including working at height, exposure to hazardous substances, manual handling and potential asbestos exposure. PWM developed and implemented a safe working method for the task in tandem with the university and other contractors, successfully minimising disruption to other works taking place to ensure the project did not suffer delays.

  • Waste identification & hazardous properties classification

The contaminants contained within the pipework were not accurately known, so required complete analysis and classification. PWM’s team of qualified chemists provided the necessary expertise to ensure this was performed in a safe and legally compliant manner.

  • Proactive, flexible approach

Due to the extensive other works taking place at the same time and the restricted timescales available, an adaptable approach was required to ensure successful delivery of the project.


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