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Concern over hazardous waste knowledge in SMEs

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Do you know what your waste responsibilities are?

A staggering 80% of SMEs could be disposing of hazardous waste unknowingly, according to research by a national waste management company.

As many small and medium sized businesses are embracing ‘green’ and sustainable methods of business, it seems that the lesser known world of hazardous waste is being ignored.

Recycling is becoming almost second nature to many but there are concerns that some waste items are still being sent to landfill unnecessarily at a cost to the environment and potentially to the business.

It is a legal requirement under the Hazardous Waste Regulations (England and Wales) & (Northern Ireland) and Special Waste Regulations (Scotland) for businesses to identify, segregate and dispose of its hazardous waste regardless of quantity.

Examples of hazardous waste found illegally dumped with general waste include aerosols, oily rags, light bulbs, batteries, paints, contaminated used packaging and WEEE items such as monitors, some wiring and AC units.



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