Pegasus Waste Management

Transfrontier Shipment Projects

Well developed project planning skills

Pegasus Waste Management are experienced in work outside the UK and can undertake hazardous waste removal and disposal projects in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, Eastern Europe & former Soviet territories, British Overseas Territories and Dependencies and accession countries to the EU. Successful projects require well developed project planning skills as well as cultural understanding and historical knowledge. The rapid commercialisation we’ve seen globally in the last 20 years has put environmental pressures firmly into the international development arena. Increasing rates of consumption and production have fed the trend for increasing pressures – often in outdated or inappropriate disposal methodology - such as landfill and open dumping.

Pegasus Waste Management have access to well developed facility operators in the UK and EU for safe and effective disposal of a wide range of waste materials and chemicals in line with the Basel Convention.

Transfrontier Shipment Projects
Transfrontier Shipment Projects Picture 1